Black Dog Redemption Faith Over


You may never look at your dog or any dog in the same way again. When the black dog is found at a murder scene, fear, loyalty, love and the ghosts of war begin to converge. Lives will be challenged and changed, but for the good or bad? Is the black dog the ancient symbol of death and the devil, or a sign of a better future and redemption for three troubled souls? When Edwin and Lee Christian opened the St. George Inn on the square of an historic and idyllic mountain town they had no idea of how brutal the future might be. When Noah Harris returned from Iraq and ran for sheriff to protect the mountain folks that he loved, he had no clue of how difficult that might become. For over thirty years Cliff Barr had been hiding on the mountain trying to forget the tragedies of Vietnam. The world was about to find him. The almost forgotten legend of the Cherokees' Black Dogs comes to life in a very real and life changing way.

About the Author

Dogs and people are my no particular order. Good dogs and good people are the glue that hold societies and families together. I graduated from Cornell's Hotel School and spent my career in the hotel industry. I flew over a million miles and listened to the stories of thousands of people...their lives, beliefs and experiences. I write based on showing the relationships between people, and in this book people and dogs. Relationships are the real essence of life. If you write from your heart, people can read with their heart. Black Dog Redemption is a combination of those relationships, a tribute to our armed forces and law enforcement and their sacrifices, and a very special dog. My attachment to and admiration for dogs comes from the dogs I've had the good fortune of having a close relationship with. I live in North Georgia with Maggie, my comical and dedicated canine friend.


"When people check-in to a hotel, they're often carrying much more baggage than you see in their hands," says Greg Plank. Greg has traveled over a million miles and worked with thousands of hotels over the past 40+ years. To him, the thousands of people he has met and their stories are the business treasures of a lifetime. His collection of funny, bizare, touching, honest and inspiring life happenings of others are the basis for his book, Saving The St. George. It is the only novel published by the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association. Greg was born in Upper Darby, PA. He graduated from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. His hotel career started as a receiving clerk at the Barclay Hotel in Philadelphia during his college Days. Upon graduation, he moved to New York City and worked in advertising for hotel accounts in both account liason and some creative work. His headline for Greyline Tours, "See It Like It Is.", ran for 5 years. He moved to Boston and worked in Food and Beverage Marketing and eventually Manager of Marketing for Sheraton's Inns Division. In that position, he created the sales training and food and beverage training seminars for the division. His hotel career from there took him to Myrtle Beach, SC to run the marketing for several resorts and then to Fort Myers, FL where he was General Manager of a full service Sheraton. He returned to Sheraton Corporate as Vice President of operations and then development for the Inns Division in the Southeast. He went on to Vice president positions at Hawthorn Suites, Ramada, and served as President of Country Hearth Inns and Suburban Lodges of America. Throughout his career, Greg has accepted public speaking invitations on marketing and sales, leadership and service for major companies.