How to Sell Without Being a Jerk!: The Foolproof Approach to the World’s Second Oldest Profession

In 2008, an irreverent, plain-talking, unapologetic Klymshyn-style Sales guide was published.

With a wry grin on the faces of the editors, John’s clients, and a few expectant reviewers, “How to Sell Without Being a JERK!” was published on February 28th, 2008.

Simultaneously honoring leap year, and acknowledging the need for humor in a tough world, the book struck some chords.  BUT… timing may NOT be everything, because the World Financial Crisis soon followed.

“That was NOT my fault!” Klymshyn has been quoted as screaming, more times than he would like to admit.

“How To Sell Without Being A JERK!” makes you laugh, makes you think, and hands you practical ideas and techniques that achieve a simple goal: It helps sales people EARN more money. Plain, simple, and documented – thousands of times over.

John Klymshyn reveals how you can be assertive and effective without rubbing people the wrong way or fulfilling the stereotype of the jerk salesperson. He detonates traditional sales methods and replaces them with modern techniques for reading customer behavior and regulating your own behavior to make more sales without having to get pushy. If you want to sell more and be a nicer person, this is an ideal sales resource