The Ultimate Sales Managers’ Guide

Coach K (published and legal name John Klymshyn) is the respected and often-quoted author of several books, hundreds of magazine articles, and innumerable blog posts.

His works have become required reading at Fortune 1000 firms in the US, key firms in Canada, and even one or two in Indonesia.  

John Wiley & Sons (one of the largest and most reputable of all Business Book Publishers in the US) has seen fit to bring 2 books of John’s to market.

Coach K has, for more than 20 years, focused on teaching difficult, high-mastery techniques in a way to make them digestible, and less intimidating.

“The Ultimate Sales Managers’ Guide” (featuring the 52 Attributes of The Ultimate Sales Manager™) published in 2006, has been adopted as required reading in firms as diverse as Yahoo! (Hotjobs Division),, FedEx Freight, Bank of America, and others.

Recently, The Ultimate Sales Managers’ Guide was discovered by Ben Baldwin, of Physicians Mutual Insurance Company…

“I would highly recommend John Klymshyn and his book “The Ultimate Sales Managers’ Guide”. I recently took my 53 field sales managers through it and got very positive results. The principles Coach K outlines are simple to understand and will stand the test of time. While doing the fundamentals he teaches is hard, he clearly outlines the path to follow. Although we are an insurance company, the principles apply no matter what you are selling.”


-Ben Baldwin, Senior Vice President – Agency

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company