Financial Reporting, Analysis & Management from CWC

Have Controller activities covered but need additional Finance expertise? Let us fill that gap. As an owner, not sure you're getting the value from finance you want? Let us do a quick analysis to identify opportunities. Have a successful finance organization, but have projects that keep slipping? Let us help on a short-term basis. Need to improve your tax reporting?


Financial Reporting, Analysis & Management
Caldwell, Walley & Caldwell, LLP (CWC)

CWC can help you improve your property’s bottom line and cash flow. We increase the confidence of the owners, senior management and property managers to optimize financial performance. Our experience includes hotels, resorts, conference centers, clubs, restaurants, spas, and recreational facilities. Facilities operated by owners, asset managers, management companies and financial institutions.

The services offered by CWC include:


Review of Internal Controls. There are 3 major areas hotels/resorts over look in their internal controls. Do your people know what they are? Take our FREE self-audit to evaluate your internal controls. Need help? We will provide a free evaluation.

Review of Financial Statements. CWC can review your financials to provide you with a better understanding of what the numbers are really telling us and where improvements can be made. 80% of hotels fail to optimize their cash flow every month. Single evaluation: $250. Monthly evaluation of financial statements to identify opportunities for next month: $150 per month. How do you measure the quantitative impact to your bottom line of your strategic business decisions? How do you measure the impact your sales mix has on your cost of sales and profit margins? How profitable are your special events? Does your actual cash flow swing significantly from your forecast? Would you like assistance in preparing a more efficient, effective financial statement format? For smaller properties, we can act as an on call controller/CFO, or provide support/training as you develop your internal finance team to grow and expand your company.

We know of a client with a hotel of less than 200 rooms that is financing a $4 million dollar renovation in 2012 from cash flow. Could you do that? Would you like to?

Construction Management and Resolution of Specific Financial Challenges. Do you have an upcoming construction/remodeling project which will need the proper financial expertise and oversight? We can fill that gap to insure your project comes in under budget and on schedule.

We make sure you meet all requirements of your insurance policies and the required lien releases with regard to sub-contractors and other vendors who perform work on your property. We’ll make sure you’re in compliance with any loan requirements which need to be followed relating to draw requests, progress reporting and periodic inspections.

 Do you have a back log of tasks on your financial “To Do” list which you just can’t get to? CWC can help take care of these issues so you don’t have to worry about them.


Financial Representation with Governmental and Outside Agencies. CWC can review/appeal your property taxes to lower your tax bill. Do you need assistance to streamline your external audit process to reduce your audit fee? CWC can help realize savings in these areas.

Payroll Processing and HR monitoring. CWC can review your current payroll process to identify and implement areas of improvement to increase efficiencies, reduce cost and reduce errors. We typically find savings for hotels that exceed our costs by 10x. We’ll insure that you’re in compliance with all federal guidelines for deposits and reporting. Are any of your independent contractors really employees? CWC can also work with you to insure that all hires/fires and other personal changes are done correctly to safeguard your legal liability. We can help you identify where you can reduce payroll expenses and the tax consequences.

Strategic Planning and Development. Do you need assistance with the strategic growth and/or development of your property? Whether it’s a potential addition of services or a major expansion, we can help with forecasts/pro-formas to analyze the bottom line impact. We can make sure your development plans are in line with local, state and federal permitting process, including those times when ADA regulations apply. Have your plan developed? Great, we can give you a separate set of eyes to help you achieve even greater results.

Tax Planning and Preparation. CWC’s tax department can assist you in your tax planning and preparation.


Our rate structure is value driven to insure that our clients get cost effective results. If you would like to discuss what CWC can do for you, please contact us today. Thank you for your consideration.

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