Hotel Sales Track

Our  Approach  

How  do  you  tell  if  you  are  getting  the  most  out  of  your  sales  team?  Hotel  Sales  Track  is  a  business   committed  to  ensuring  that  your  sales  team  understands  what  they  need  to  accomplish  to  deliver   maximum  revenues  for  your  business.  We  are  committed  to  providing  information  that  can  help  the   sales  team  improve  their  skills  and  their  booking  goals  in  a  manner  that  is  easy  for  management  to   measure.  When  a  sales  team  follows  the  recommended  Hotel  Sales  Best  Practices  they  will  provide   additional  revenue  to  the  business.    

In  this  very  busy,  high  tech  environment;  do  you  know  if  you  are  measuring  the  rights  things  to  the  maximum  revenue  results  for  today  and  tomorrow?  Does  your  sales  team  understand  how  much   time  is  needed  in  each  market  for  the  maximum  revenue?      

You  can  arrange  for  them  to  attend  teleconferences  or  a  sales  training  program  to  assist  with  their   sales  skills.  Then  what  happens  a  week,  a  month,  or  a  year  later  do  they  remember  the  training?  Are   they  using  the  training  or  have  they  slipped  into  old  habits?    

With  Hotel  Sales  Track,  you  have  a  variety  of  options  that  will  help  you;  

  • develop  your  sales  team,    
  • measure  results  and    
  • ensure  your  sales  team  is  delivering  the  results  you  need.      

The  options  are  designed  as  building  blocks  to  be  used  in  the  order  that  best  fits needs  and  budgets.  All  programs  are  built  around  developing  Sales  Skills  that  are  needed  to  deliver   the  best  revenue  results.  These  Hotel  Sales  Best  Practices  are  covered  in  all  of  Hotel  Sales  Track   services  and  can  help  your  team  reach  new  booking  levels  while  giving  you  ways  to  help  the  team   develop  new  business.    


The  services  are  designed  as  building  blocks  around  the  Hotel  Sales  Best  Practices.  This  provides  you   with  an  opportunity  to  mix  and  match  services  that  best  meet  the  hotel  needs  and  budget.  This   program  is  also  more  than  a  one  shot  training  session.  The  services  work  together  to  ensure  ongoing   training  and  skill  development  that  will  drive  increased  revenues  to  your  hotel.    

1) Weekly  Sales  Success  Email    

Offers  tips  geared  to  the  Sales  Manager.  The  topics  will  be  motivational  and  informative,  offering  the   sales  manager  ideas  on  how  to  increase  their  sales  knowledge  and  sales  volume  with  positive  impacts  newsletter  can  be  used  by  the  team  as  part  of  a  weekly   sales  meeting  and/or  for  the  General  Manager  to  understand  the  Best  Practices  being  developed  by   the  team.  The  General  Manager  will  always  receive  a  copy  of  the  Weekly  Sales  Success  Email,  so  that   the  GM  might  understand  what  the  Sales  Manager  is  working  on.      

The  Weekly  Sales  Success  Email  offers  topics  that  include:  

  • How  to  set  goals  and  report  results,  based  on  achieving  property  revenue  objectives  
  • How  to  identify  and  develop  Market  Segment  and  Niche  Market  Solicitation  to  help  drive   hotel  occupancy  and  revenue.
  • Developing  new  Sales  Skills  targeted  by  market  to  increase  booking  volume.  
  • Open  the  Sales  Call  to  get  past  the  gatekeepers  to  discuss  business  sooner.  
  • How  to  maximize  the  potential  business  from  existing  clients.  
  • Closing  the  business  and  not  just  waiting  for  the  client  to  get  back  to  us.  
  • Plus  weekly  topics  that  help  your  sales  team  improve  their  sales  skills  to  drive  new  business   and  revenue  to  the  property.  

2) Sales  Self  Audit  Questionnaire    

Offers  50  questions  that  a  General  Manager  or  Director  of  Sales  can  use  for  a  Self  Audit  of  the   department.  The  Sales  Self  Audit  Questionnaire  offers  management  an  opportunity  to  evaluate  the   strengths  of  the  sales  team.  You  have  the  option  to  perform  the  Self  Audit  then  follow-up  with  the   weekly  e-newsletters  or  start  with  the  weekly  e-newsletters  and  then  use  the  Sales  Self  Audit   Questionnaire  to  see  how  these  new  skills  have  been  put  in  to  practice.    Remember  that  our  objective   is  to  help  strengthen  your  sales  team  so  that  they  can  deliver  increased  revenue  for  your  hotel  or   resort.      

Some  of  the  questions  included  in  the  Sales  Self  Audit  Questionnaire:  

  • Do  your  Sales  Managers  know  how  to  quantify  the  volume  of  business  an  account  represents   per  year?  
  • Then  develop  a  solicitation  strategy  to  capture  the  business?    
  • Is  the  actual  volume  of  business  for  transient  accounts  measured  against  the  Account  Profile   and  a  Transient  Agreement?
  • Do  your  Sales  Managers  discuss  the  volume  of  business  produced  with  the  client?  
  • Can  you   see  this  reflected  in  the  call  reports?  
  • Have  your  Sales  Managers  contacted  all  accounts  in  your  database?  
  • Do  all  accounts  have  a  solicitation  strategy  and  future  trace  date?        

Use  the  Sales  Self  Audit  Questionnaire  to  determine  how  your  sales  department  is  performing  today.   Then  subscribe  to  the  Weekly  Sales  Success  Email  to  make  sure  that  the  sales  team  is  getting  the   information  they  need  to  develop  new  skills  that  will  provide  increased  revenue.  Or  if  you  prefer,  let   the  sales  team  start  learning  today  with  the  Weekly  Sales  Success  Email  and  then  test  that  knowledge   with  a  Sales  Self  Audit  Questionnaire.    

3) Other  Services  

Some  hotels  might  need  additional  assistance  and  we  provide  a  variety  of  options.  The  Sales   Effectiveness  Review  offers  a  deeper  review  of  the  hotel  through  our  professional  hotel  sales   executives  along  with  a  written  analysis  and  action  steps  for  improvement.      

Consulting  Services  are  also  available  for  on  property  transition  support,  training,  planning,  directing   and  guiding  the  sales  organization.  Of  course  teleconferencing  sessions  can  also  be  arranged  to  assist   your  team.    

To  Order  -  Send  an  email  or  contact  407-716-3561.       The  Weekly  Sales  Success  Email  is  $25  per  sales  manager  per  week  with  a  minimum  order  of  one   quarter.  Discounts  apply  to  multiple  purchases  of  five  subscriptions  or  more.    

The  Sales  Self  Audit  Questionnaire  is  $100  per  property.  Discounts  apply  to  multiple  purchases  of     five  or  more  properties.  

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