Instant Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisals for Small to Mid-Sized Groups


Instant online Performance Appraisals for small to mid-size workgroups
Start performing appraisals in 10 minutes. Our setup wizard will guide you step by step.

•    Perform web-based appraisals
•    Create your own custom forms
•    Set and track employee goals
•    Take year-round notes on employee performance
•    Up to 20 users.

We took our workforce to the next level
"Trakstar has been a great tool for us, our employees and more importantly our leaders. For the first time we have real time real data and the ability to sort, analyze and use the data to help us coach and develop our managers and our workforce. Having the ability to export data for use in our merit pay planning and skill gap analysis for training and development purposes has allowed us to take our workforce to the next level."

-Debi Welch, HR and Organizational Development Director Manager

The best method I've seen in 30 years
"I have been using the TrakStar system for over a year to manage the performance of my director staff within Wycliffe USA. It is my opinion that this system is the best method to systematically and consistently manage performance that I have experienced in over 30 years of managing staff. I especially like the reminders along with the ability to add performance notes throughout the year. This provides a discipline that is not present in other manual processes. The multi-rater feedback and self-assessment features are also invaluable in building a truly meaningful and actionable performance review. The software is affordable and relatively easy to learn. The interaction and support we have experienced with Promantek has been a real confidence builder. TrakStar will now help the Wycliffe Foundation take a much-needed step towards more effectively managing our employee performance. I would recommend TrakStar for organizations large and small."

-Don Erickson, President & CEO

TrakStar makes it easy
"Our staff appreciates being able to easily update their accomplishments as they happen. They simply login to TrakStar - add a performance note and they are done. When they complete the appraisal they are reminded of the important accomplishment throughout the year and so is their supervisor. We recently switched to conducting reviews on anniversary date. TrakStar makes it very easy to log in all the employees so we receive automatic reminders when their review dates are approaching."
-Anne Molyneaux, Chief Financial Officer

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