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People Focused, Data Driven

PDP’s Integrated Management System is a proven program, making the business of people management more effective, scientific, and predictable. The core of PDP is the ProScan Survey and its resulting comprehensive reporting. In less than 10 minutes, individuals mark to what degree they believe 60 different descriptors match their characteristics and how they believe others perceive them. The data is then analyzed by PDP’s proprietary online application, generating complete, easily-interpreted reports for individuals and executives. From there, the PDP Management System,including JobScan and TeamScan,
is applied and implemented.

A suite of reporting modules, surveys (5-10 minutes), and processes:

Identifies strengths, energy levels, energy drains, motivators, stressors, satisfaction index, communication styles, management styles, logic, back-up styles, and more.

Creates Job Models by measuring success criteria required for a position. Matches applicants to JobModel. Generates behavioral Interviewing Guide based on applicant’s match to model.

Measures and defines the team’s culture. Strengthens team member understanding and appreciation.

Power application workshops with measurable action plans to improve communication, leadership, hiring, and team building skills.

Pick a starting point to begin experiencing the power of PDP. Designed for immediate, in-house access, the full potential of PDP products begins with a firm foundation of understanding through certification.

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