STAR Assessment

Practical Strategies to Maximize ProfitsRevMax Offers a STAR Assessment! ($1,000 Discounted to $750)


Implement fraction of our fine tuning suggestions and receive minimum of 10 time your investment within a month.


We all get it .... but do we use it to it's fullest?

You may be doing well and don't read it as closely as you used to (nice!) ......... or

...... things haven't been going so hot and you know what has to be done, nothing new STAR is going to illuminate you on.


Maybe. Maybe not.


Incremental $ have a VERY high flow through - can you afford not to know?


•  Has the competition been slowly gaining on you?

•  Do you know where the loss has occurred - Weekdays, weekends, how long, by how much? Rate? Occupancy? To what extent? How are you going to fix it...this month?

•  What pace of change do you need to maintain your lead, or catch up with the comp set? What will the STAR report need to look like at year end for this to be so?

•  What's history telling us about the future in terms of capacity and pace of change in the market? At your hotel?

•  What does this mean to incremental NOI?

•  Are your STAR targets/potential aligned with the budget?

•  What techniques are available to achieve the target?


Guest Review Assessment - It Matters to NOI Guest

perception has a significant impact on performance - never more visible than when combined with comp set performance. 

•  How does your hotel stack up (vs. your comp set) with guest comments on key social sites?

•  How is this impacting your financial performance?

•  In what areas are the comments showering you with kudos or otherwise?




Order here and send me a monthly STAR report (Excel format if possible, please) from any one of your hotels and I'll provide you with an analysis that includes both reviews with a holistic interpretation. If you don’t see don’t pay.


That simple!

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