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Ed Iannarella has written and delivered chain-wide (brand level) sales training programs that have been a brand requirement for over 3000 hotels made up of such chains as Residence Inns, Hampton Inns, Homewood Suites, Baymont Inns, and the Blackstone portfolio of hotels. Ed is President of Stonehenge Consulting Group.

He has delivered Web-casts for Hilton Hotels Corp. and Wyndham Hotels as well as HSMA International, the hospitality industry’s trade organization for sales, and is a contributing writer for

Ed has been a guest presenter at annual conferences for Hilton, the Blackstone Family of Hotels, Best Western Int’l., Choice Hotels, Wyndham Hotels, the PA Tourist and Lodging Association, PCMA, and numerous hotel management companies.

People from over 30 countries have attended his workshops, and he has also delivered training in Canada, England, Mexico, Aruba, Argentina, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

NOTE: In addition to “live” training, programs with (DL) at the end can be time-modified and delivered in a distance learning (DL) format.

BOOKING EXTENDED STAY BUSINESS AT NON-EXTENDED STAY HOTELS (HOTEL INDUSTRY): Extended stay, the industry’s hottest segment, annually outperforms traditional hotels’ occupancy by 12-13% points despite economic downturns. Don’t be left out just because you’re not “officially” an extended stay facility. Find out why and how you should generate incremental revenue by first learning to find, and then to sell to and service, the very lucrative extended stay segment. (for all level salespeople and GM’s) (½ or 1 day format) (DL)

BOOT CAMP FOR SALESPEOPLE: In difficult times, owners and managers often look for new, outside-the-box solutions to lackluster sales without first asking, "Are my salespeople well-equipped to cope?” Sadly, most are not due to poor or no initial training, memory loss, or insufficient monitoring. Our Boot Camp reinforces time-tested strategies and introduces new, essential selling skills for all sales teams. It addresses how to position your brand and your salespeople so that they stand apart from your competitive set. It also includes a simple 4-step selling process, plus objection handling, prospecting, and non-traditional rapport building through “NLP.” (for all level salespeople) (1, 2 or 3 day format) (DL)

“BOOST” CAMP FOR SALESPEOPLE: Perhaps some or all of your sales team have forgotten some time-tested selling tools. If so, “Boost Camp” will re-energize them with a new look at an old subject. (for anyone who would benefit from a lively and innovative refresher in selling fundamentals) (1 day format) (DL)

NEGOTIATING SKILLS (HOTEL INDUSTRY): “Win-Win” strategies for effective hotel negotiating; includes the psychology used by both sides, how to justify rate quotes, the “rate ladder” strategy, and the 2 critical “non-rate components” of hotel negotiating; teaches how to confidently present your rates, develop “provisional agreements,” brainstorm with teammates, and recognize “empowerment factors” on both sides of a negotiation. (for all level salespeople and GM’s) (½ or 1 day format) (DL)

SELLING TO EXCEPTIONAL PROSPECTS (“S.T.E.P.” ©) (HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY): Sales call simulations in a team format (3-4 persons per team is ideal) utilizing your staff members as prospects, each with a unique dominant personality. Videotaping (optional) of all sales presentations is recommended with team review of the videos and prospect critiques on the morning after the simulations; Prize for winning team. (for all level salespeople who are involved in outside selling) (1-2 day format)

WEEKEND OCCUPANCY STRATEGIES (HOTEL INDUSTRY): Need to improve anemic weekend numbers at your facility? We offer 50 strategies to generate more business for you, and they range from direct selling, promotions, public relations, direct mail, and merchandising to advertising. Optional Idea Fair can be included as well. (for anyone interested in supplementing weekend occupancy) (½ or 1 day format) (DL)

On a personal note, Ed played basketball for a U.S. traveling team in Europe, has
owned or operated 21 Cinnabon bakeries in the Northeast, is an amateur magician,
plays the guitar and harmonica, and is a proud cancer survivor. He currently resides in
Ft. Myers, Florida.

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