The HR Check-Up / Audit

THE HR CHECK-UP from the Human Resources Assurance Group.


THE HR CHECK-UP from the Human Resources Assurance Group.

-Increase revenue 
-Reduce expenses, and 
-Minimize potential lawsuits, fines and investigations!! 


Your human resources policies, practices and processes can have significant impact on the financial health of your company.  The HR Check-Up was developed as a tool to evaluate how compliant, complete, organized and effective your Human Resources practices are and THEN identify ways to apply recommendations that will have a positive impact on your company.  The benefits of completing the HR Check-Up are:

●        You receive an invaluable comprehensive executive summary document that can be used as a roadmap to guide your HR priorities, strategic planning, goal setting and budgeting moving forward.

●        The recommendations will improve your bottom line through:

○   improved employee and guest satisfaction, which leads to more referrals and repeat business,

○   reduced expenses through lowered turnover, improved employee performance and lowered safety and workers’ compensation costs,

○   a stress relieving reduction or elimination of possible lawsuits, fines and time consuming investigations of your compliance with the ever-growing list of state and federally required postings, processes and documentation.

●        And, for smaller businesses without the resources for a full time HR Director, it removes the burden from your shoulders of having to be THE Human Resources expert in addition to your already long list of responsibilities.

The good news for you is that it requires a minimal financial investment and only approximately 2-3 hours of your time - but the results will provide you with a fully comprehensive and objective view of your entire HR operation. 

The process itself involves a guided interview/audit as well as a review of critical processes, documents and files to evaluate if they are as efficient and effective as possible and also in compliance with state and federal requirements where applicable.

Information gathered is then compiled into a customized executive summary report that details the results, observations and recommendations. 

The easy to read, color coded report identifies both areas of strength and items that are recommended for future consideration in goal setting and strategic planning.  It also highlights areas that need immediate attention to minimize legal exposure, ensure compliance or improve the company’s culture and employee satisfaction and performance.  As an added benefit, a quick reference guide is also included which provides a bullet point listing of the suggestions, recommendations and required actions.

The HR Check-Up covers several specific areas in each of the following categories:

●        Documentation and Compliance

●        Culture and Communications

●        Selection and Staffing

●        Compensation and Benefits

●        Performance Management

●        Leadership Development

●        Education and Training

●        Safety and Workers’ Compensation

●        Administration and Systems

●        Labor Relations Review (for unionized properties)

(PDF with Sample Questions)

A small investment in your Human Resources operation now can improve your bottom line immediately, and save you significant money and time in the future; while removing the worry about the unknown HR pitfalls that may lie ahead for you and your team.

You have more than enough to deal with in leading the operations day-to-day; don’t feel like you need to be THE HR expert too.  Leave that to us!!

Prices for your HR Check-Up are very reasonable and are based on the size, structure and complexity of your organization. Take few seconds on the Contact Form. Or give us a call at 910-688-7030.

Bruce Rosenberger - Founder, CEO & Principal of the Human Resources Assurance Group.

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