iDeals Marketing Platform

The future of Small Business Marketing


Growing your business is fast, affordable and easy with the iDeals Marketing Platform solution. It’s an advanced, integrated marketing system that let’s you leverage todays most efficient marketing methods: mobile, social networks, text messaging, and the world wide web.

In just 5 minutes a day you can:
1 Create your own coupons
2 Have them automatically distributed
3 Connect with thousands of customers and prospects
4 Get your offers on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and more
5 Reach customers on their mobile phone via text messaging

One very, low price per month.

At 2Go Media, our goal is to create marketing tools that allows businesses today to generate tremendous growth without having to make a tremendous investment. We do that by providing easy and affordable access to today’s most effective marketing tactics, leveraging the power of smart online technologies and text messaging.

That’s why we created the 2Go Media marketing platform, to help today’s small- and medium-sized businesses capitalize on the fundamental idea that Deals drive consumer interest.

With this one principle in mind, we’ve created a platform that enables businesses to reach an enormous numbers of customers and prospects with virtually unlimited number of specials and promotions. The program begins with each client’s own marketing platform where they enter their very best values – all using the easiest interface around. Next, we send those deals out across the web with our powerful, proprietary online broadcasting engine. It’s been developed specifically to reach customers wherever they are – on search engines, on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, on shopping sites, on businesses own websites, you name it. Then we present the opportunity to take things one step further, texting offers directly to customers’ cell phones, literally putting the most compelling values right in the palms of their hands.

It’s a 3-tiered marketing strategy that’s carefully calibrated to get businesses the exposure they need to bring customers in the door. And it’s particularly well-suited for local-level enterprises who appreciate the power of modern technologies but that haven’t yet been able to turn them to their advantage. 2Go Media gives them what they’ve been looking for: an all-inclusive system that requires no technical knowhow and that takes as little as five minutes a day to deliver maximum value.

Prepaid Coupons
The 2Go Media iDeals Marketing Platform offers the ability for merchants to create, publish and distribute deeply discounted prepaid coupons online. The feature is a unique offering, as it provides complete control of the prepaid coupon process to the merchant. Prepaid coupons publish dates, content, price, restrictions, limits, quantity and much more is all controlled by the merchant.

Mobile Website
In addition to providing the traditional website, 2Go Media provides a FREE mobile version (iPhone and Android) of the iDeals website for the merchant and consumer. Merchants will be able to access a mobile iDeals administrative interface with thier iPhone or Android device and have the ability to control the majority of the platform. While consumers visiting any iDeals website using an iPhone or Android device will automatically be presented with a optimized mobile version of the iDeals website.

Event Distribution
2Go Media wants to make it easy for merchants to create, publish and distribute events across the entire web. After all, events can be used as another method to connect with customers and develop relationships with them. That is why it is our goal to make it easy for consumers to find events related to merchants they are interest in, no matter where they are online. 

Local Distribution
Local merchants are constantly running everyday specials and deals to drive existing and new customers to their stores. Coming up with these potential deals to generate sales is typically simple, but distributing these deals to numerous places online where consumers can be found is difficult. That is why 2Go Media has developed the iDeals Marketing Platform.

Social Media
The 2Go Media iDeals Platform provides integration with all major social networks to allow the ability to easily share deals, events and pre-paid coupons with their social audience. Once a deal, event or pre-paid coupon is created, the merchant can easily post the new content on their Facebook, Twitter and other social pages directly from within the 2Go Media iDeals Platform.

Every deal and event published within the 2Go Media iDeals Platform is automatically indexed within a 2Go Media Deal/Event directory. This provides another location where content can be found and a central location where deals and events can be viewed by category or location.

Text Messaging
The 2Go Media iDeals Platform provides the ability for merchants to communicate with their customers instantly through the platform’s mobile texting feature. Merchant’s can create “keywords” which consumers can opt-in to receive the latest updates from the merchant.

Search Engine Marketing.
The built in SEO components of the platform (SEO friendly URL’s, descriptions, keywords, backlinks, content, distribution, etc…) allow for quick indexing of newly published deals, events and coupons within search engines.

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