Hotel specific programs in Sales Training & Mentorship for Sales Managers and DOSM's. Social Media Mining, and Online Reputation Management Strategy, plus Customer Assurance and New Business Development programs. Tom Costello is frequent contributor to many hospitality industry publications and organizations.


Our Programs
If you want to effectively communicate your hotel’s value proposition, grown your customer base, and generate more revenue then you must commit to investing in solutions that will enhance your customer’s experience, allow your employees to enjoy more professional success, and for you to achieve your goals and objectives. We have developed the following programs that can be custom-designed to suit your needs and you can choose one of the following programs or combine your choice of other programs for options that include half day, full day, two day and three day on site group sessions, individual onsite sessions, and group online sessions.

New Business Development
Today it’s more important than ever that you need to stay ahead of your competition and that means developing strategies that will not only organically grow your existing leisure and groups customer base but also includes the expansion of marketing efforts that will yield new customers.

We'll help you to develop a plan that will identify new business opportunities whether that means new markets and market segments, online and offline sales channels, sales approach, and synergistic partnerships with other businesses that will help you to prioritize and convert the new business opportunities you want to target.

Sales Training & Mentorship For Sales Managers & DOSMs
We have more than 20 years of experience working with hotel sales teams and we also have a pretty good understanding of who your customers are and what they expect and deserve because we’ve been bringing corporate, group, and leisure business to hotels since 1994.

Our Sales Training program will combine the principles of my book “Prepare for Liftoff” with the ”7 Stages of the Sales Cycle” that will give your Sales Managers and Directors of Sales and Marketing a new outlook on how to identify and close more business and successfully build long-term business with current and prospective customers.

Social Media Sales Mining
Successful Sales and Marketing managers are using social media to communicate with prospective customers and generate leads and the Internet is a great resource for you to get your hotel in front of those who are actively thinking about or talking about travel, meetings, and events in and outside of their social communities.

We’ll show you how effectively “mine” social media channels that will separate your sales team from your competitive set and generate more business for your hotel. If you’re strapped for time or don’t have the necessary resources to allocate to a longterm social media campaign then we can manage your entire social media initiatives if needed.

Online Reputation Management Strategy
Most online reputation management strategists will tell you that your ORM strategy starts with monitoring conversations abou

t your hotel on social media sites. This is a certain recipe for disaster. If, on the other hand, your strategy begins with policies, procedures, and processes involving cross-functional participation that include prevention, monitoring, analysis, and mitigation, you’ll be better prepared to address ‘issues’ before they negatively affect your hotel’s online and offline credibility.

We’ll partner with you to help develop and implement a rock-solid online reputation management strategy that will allow you to build better brand awareness, engage with your target audience, and a plan-of-action in the event that your reputation requires defense.

Customer Assurance Programs
There are many hotels that aspire to be “customer-centric” but often fall flat on that promise for one reason or another. Our Customer Assurance & Mystery Shopping programs will help to identify internal and external factors that are impacting the customer experience and provide solutions that will help you to bridge the gap between strategy and operational reality.

We can develop a fully customizable program for your hotel that can reliably predict customer satisfaction and future revenue and help you to focus in on specific behaviors that will provide a positive impact on your hotel and customers.

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